Criminal Defense Attorney In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Are you facing criminal allegations that could result in your being convicted of a crime, or worse, the loss of your liberty through incarceration in jail or State or Federal prison? Life can seem terrifying when you find yourself facing Criminal charges that threaten your very freedom. You can’t sleep, you have difficulty concentrating at work, the questions of what the future holds for you plague you night and day. It’s time to hire an attorney to assist you with your problem. But, who do you turn to? Did you know there are a great many criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma who have never even stood in front of a felony jury to fight for the rights of an accused defendant? And of the ones that have, many of them have never heard the jury foreman/woman utter the magical words “Not Guilty.” You need the help of a Seasoned Trial Attorney with a track record of winning big jury trials to handle your case. Don’t roll the dice by hiring just any criminal defense lawyer. Get a fighter on your team.

For everything from simple traffic tickets and Misdemeanor arrests, all the way up to serious felony arrests including drug charges, theft charges, violent crimes, or sex crimes, call Attorney Tracy L. Tiernan, a jury trial tested Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney with a winning record. Tracy Tiernan has been working hard to protect the rights of Oklahomans who are facing criminal Misdemeanor and serious Felony criminal charges for more than 27 years.

From your initial arraignment in court, through plea negotiations, the gathering of all discovery material and witness statements, up through picking a jury for trial and closing arguments if warranted, Tracy has the experience and winning track record relied upon by many Oklahomans to calm your fears, and help guide your ship from the turbulent sea to calmer waters. Call Tracy Tiernan today if you have been arrested or charged with a crime.