Have You Been Bitten By A Dog In Oklahoma

Let’s say your at a friend’s house for a fun and relaxing afternoon. Your friend asks your son whether he would like to go in the backyard to feed his dog. The next thing you hear are the screams of your child as he becomes the victim of a dog attack. How could this have happened? Has this animal attacked anyone before? What is the permanent scarring worth? Can we seek compensation for our pain and suffering? What are my rights and who should we turn to for answers?

The Law office of Attorney Tracy L. Tiernan has been helping Oklahomans for more than 27 years with all of their legal problems from Car Wrecks and Workers’ Compensation injuries to Wrongful Death and Dog Bite cases. Tracy has experience in helping injury victims of Dog Bite cases get top dollar for their injuries. Don’t go it alone. The insurance companies work hard to protect their assets, so they will oftentimes try and settle your case for a mere fraction of what it might otherwise be worth.

Call our Tulsa Dog Bite Attorney when tragedy strikes. Let him sit down with you, explain your rights, answer all of your questions, and get you top dollar for your dog bite injury damages.