Have You Been Bitten by a Dog in Oklahoma?

Painful dog bites that require medical attention can occur in a variety of circumstances. Let’s say you are at a friend’s house for a fun and relaxing afternoon. Your friend asks your son whether he would like to go in the backyard to feed his dog. The next thing you hear are the screams of your child as he becomes the victim of a dog attack.

After treatment is sought, you may find yourself asking a lot of questions. How could this have happened? Has this animal attacked anyone before? Will there be permanent scarring? Can we seek compensation for our pain and suffering? What are my rights, and to whom should we turn for answers?

When you hire Tulsa dog bite lawyer Tracy Tiernan, you will have a skilled legal professional on your side to answer these questions and help you navigate the process of settling or litigating your case.

Understanding How a Tulsa Dog Bite Attorney Can Help

Hiring a Tulsa dog bite lawyer means you have professional representation for your case. With a skilled negotiator in your corner, you can be confident that the animal’s owner (or, more often, the owner’s insurance company) will be held accountable, paying you the compensation you deserve. Your attorney will handle all of the communications and negotiations on your behalf, removing as much of the stress from the process as possible.

An experienced Tulsa dog bite attorney will help you gather medical evidence and other documentation needed to substantiate the injuries you or your loved one suffered. Your attorney and his staff will also work diligently to determine what your injuries should be worth, based on the law and the extent of the physical and emotional injuries the animal’s actions caused.

Choose the Dog Bite Attorney Tulsa Residents Know and Trust

Tracy has been helping Oklahomans for more than 27 years with a range of legal problems — from car wrecks and workers’ compensation injuries to wrongful death and dog bite cases. When you hire Tracy, you will work with him directly on your case, from start to finish.

Tracy has experience helping victims of dog bite cases get top dollar for their injuries. He is committed to handling your case with the skill and compassion you deserve, so don’t go it alone. The insurance companies work hard to protect their assets, so when a dog bite victim does not have adequate legal representation, the insurer is more likely to attempt to settle your case for a mere fraction of what it might otherwise be worth.

If you, your child or another loved one was bitten by a dog or was otherwise injured during an interaction with someone else’s animal, call the dog bite lawyer that Tulsa, OK residents trust to represent them. Tracy will sit down with you, explain your rights, answer all of your questions and work hard to get you top dollar for your dog bite injury damages. Consultations are always free, so contact us today to schedule a meeting with Tracy, an experienced Tulsa dog bite lawyer.