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For over 32 years, attorney Tracy Tiernan has been helping Oklahomans when they need strong, tough legal representation to help them negotiate their way through the sometimes intimidating and frightening landscape of their legal problems. Tracy has a track record of successful outcomes for his clients in matters of Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury.

Are you facing criminal allegations that could result in your being convicted of a crime, or worse, the loss of your liberty through incarceration in jail or State or Federal prison? From simple traffic tickets and Misdemeanor arrests, all the way up to serious felony arrests including drug charges, theft charges, violent crimes, or sex crimes, call Attorney Tracy Tiernan, a jury trial tested criminal defense attorney with a winning record.

No one ever expects to be in an accident that results in a personal injury. When it happens to you, it’s critical that you get sound legal advice from a skilled attorney. Call a Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer. Call Tracy Tiernan. He has the experience and knows how to help you navigate these turbulent waters and steer you to the best possible outcome with compassion and with dignity.

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What sets Tracy apart in the large sea of attorneys is the personalized attention that he gives to each and every client he represents. From the initial telephone interview (where you will speak directly with attorney Tracy Tiernan) or free in person consultation (where Tracy will personally shake your hand), to any and all court appearances and, if necessary, trial, Tracy will be by your side to personally handle your case every step of the way to ensure that your rights are protected. When a family entrusts their legal matter to him, Tracy understands the tremendous responsibility and honor that comes with his acceptance of your case. He will work assiduously, respectfully, and diligently to fight the good fight on your behalf in order to achieve the most desirable outcome possible. Tracy is licensed to practice before all municipal, county and federal district courts throughout the sate of Oklahoma.

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We can provide help across a wide variety of legal issues. If you are in need of legal help in Oklahoma, call Tracy Tiernan today for a free consultation. We will listen to your story, make note of all the facts and help you make the best possible decision relating to exactly what steps you need to take legally.

For a free case consultation, give us a call at +1 918-587-7377
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