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You’re on a foggy road in the early morning hours on your way to work. Suddenly tragedy strikes. A semi truck appears in your lane of traffic out of the fog, seemingly from nowhere, and strikes your car head on. You survive but you have injuries, permanent and painful injuries. Perhaps you are taken to the hospital for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Your medical bills turn from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Will you miss work? Will you even be able to ever return to work again with your injuries? You’ve got so many questions and you need answers fast.

Why Hire a Tulsa Truck Accident Lawyer?

The idea of hiring a truck accident law firm or even an individual truck wreck lawyer may seem overwhelming, but doing so can be a wise choice, for several reasons.

After an accident involving a semi truck, the insurance companies involved have one goal: settling the accident claim as quickly — and as cheaply — as possible. The reality is that the trucking company and its insurer do not have your best interests in mind.

When hiring a semi truck accident lawyer, you will have a powerful advocate on your side, one who will look out for and protect your rights and interests. Your lawyer will handle communications and negotiations on your behalf, fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accident Attorney Tracy Tiernan Has the Experience and Skill You Need

Where do you turn for guidance? For over 30 years, Tracy has been helping Oklahomans when they need strong, tough legal representation to help them negotiate their way through the sometimes intimidating and frightening landscape of their legal problems. Tracy has a track record of successful outcomes for his clients in matters of personal injury, workers’ compensation, trucking cases and criminal defense. If you have been injured because of the negligence of a semi truck driver, Tracy can help.

What to Expect From Your Truck Accident Attorney

When you hire Tracy, he will immediately work hard to help gather all of your medical bills, medical records, file suit against the trucking company, skillfully guide you through the litigation process, and even prepare your case for trial where warranted. Tracy will carefully handle all of the very delicate and serious issues involved in these types of truck wreck cases.

He has experience in dealing with the large “silk stocking” trucking defense law firms and their attorneys, and has a track record of securing the big six figure settlement necessary to fairly compensate his clients for their injuries.

Schedule Your No-Obligation Consultation Today

If you or someone you care about was injured in a truck accident, trust your case to a skilled 18-wheeler accident lawyer. Initial consultations with Tracy are always free, so contact our Tulsa truck accident attorney today to schedule your free case consultation and examination of your rights. You will be very glad you did.

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