DUI First Degree Manslaughter Client

A high-speed head-on collision car accident where a young man died. I was in the news, I lost my job, I couldn’t sleep. I suffered two years of uncertainty as we waited on my trial date. This felony charge carried a minimum of 4 years and up to LIFE in Prison. The D.A. wanted many years in prison. We hired attorney Tracy Tiernan as my father in law had used him in the past and knew that he was a successful criminal defense attorney. He had also recently settled a contested trucking collision case for my wife for over $300,000. Throughout the Jury Trial, Tracy fought very hard and argued passionately to the jury in his closing argument that I was not D.U.I. at the time of the accident. The jury agreed with Tracy that I was NOT GUILTY of DUI First Degree Manslaughter, but only of a lesser traffic-related manslaughter charge. The Jury gave me the minimum sentence allowed by law.

Eric B.
Criminal Felony Assault & Battery with Deadly Weapon

Tracy told my mother and me that he was a fighter, that a jury trial was my only real shot at freedom, and that I actually had a chance to win my very serious and frightening violent felony charge of Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon. Despite the introduction to the Jury at the trial of my videotaped confession, Tracy, good to his word, never stopped fighting hard. At the end of the trial Mr. Tiernan successfully persuaded the Jury that I was, in fact, innocent of this serious felony crime. The verdict of the jury came back “NOT GUILTY.”

Mark Y.
Felony Criminal Arrest Client

I was arrested on an allegation of being a participant in a very serious criminal felony drug manufacturing charge. I had used Tracy Tiernan’s law office for my workers’ compensation surgical case, a neck fusion and elbow surgery, and I also knew he was a seasoned criminal defense trial attorney as well.  I called Tracy immediately. He got right to work collecting all of the state’s evidence surrounding my charges, filing motions, preparing for my court hearing, and negotiating in a very tough minded manner with the district attorney’s office. By the time Tracy had completed his work on my criminal felony case, all of my felony charges had been dismissed and I walked away with nothing on my record.  I cannot recommend highly enough the law office of Tracy Tiernan for all of your workers’ compensation or criminal defense needs. 

Eric A.
Workers’ Compensation Client

“I work very hard in a factory doing very heavy work. When I injured my back in an on the job incident, my employer told me they would not help me. The company DENIED MY CLAIM tried to convince me that my injury was pre-existing and informed me that they would not pay for my medical treatment or file a claim under workers’ compensation. A colleague at the factory told me to call his attorney, Tracy Tiernan. I called Tracy and he came out to meet with me that same day. My claim was filed with the Court the very next morning. Tracy fought the big lawyers hard that were representing the company and successfully got me to another doctor who diagnosed me with an injury requiring surgery. Tracy made certain I received the surgery which has corrected my injury and given me a new lease on life. Many lawyers seemed hesitant to take on my case where the company had denied my claim and where there was likely to be a fight or trial in court. Tracy embraced my denied claim, fought the company’s attorneys hard, and won. Call Tracy for a hard working attorney in your Workers’ Comp. claim.”

Semi Truck Wreck Client

“I was a passenger in a car that was struck head on by an 18 wheel semi tractor trailer truck on a snow covered two lane highway just outside of Tulsa. I was hospitalized for my injuries, incurred thousands of dollars in hospital bills, and didn’t know where to turn. Tracy took on my case, immediately sued the party at fault, and skillfully guided me through the very intimidating and frightening litigation process in my case (multiple trial depositions and interrogatories requested by the large trucking company’s silk stocking attorneys, and the preparation of all trial notebooks and exhibits). On the day of my trial, as Tracy and I arrived ready to start selecting the jury, the Judge announced he was passing the trial to another date. Later that day, after the trucking company’s attorneys had witnessed Tracy in Court, fully prepared, exhibits in hand, and very eager and ready to start the jury selection process and take on the big corporate trucking company, they called him and we settled my case for $330,000.00. If you want a fighter in your corner, call Tracy.”

Sandra K.
Drug Arrest Client

“I was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped and searched by the police in Oklahoma. I was arrested and charged with a very serious drug manufacturing charge that carried up to life in prison and tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines. I was terrified. I had heard of Tracy Tiernan from a good friend who had told me that he had used Tracy in the past for a felony drug arrest and his charges had been dismissed. From the moment I retained Tracy as my attorney he calmed my fears and he took complete control. He filed numerous motions challenging the Constitutionality of the traffic stop, the search, and the seizure of contraband. He prepared for my court hearing, cross examined the officers involved in the Case respectfully but effectively, and proved to the court that my constitutional rights had been violated by an illegal police search and seizure. All of the charges against me were dismissed. If you are arrested in Oklahoma for any criminal offense, I cannot recommend highly enough the law office of attorney Tracy Tiernan.”


Kelly R.
Felony Sex Crime

“I was living in a real life nightmare. I was accused of committing a despicable and very serious felony crime of a sexual nature for which I was completely innocent.  The District Attorney was demanding that I serve significant time in the state prison. I couldn’t eat or sleep and it seemed as though my world was caving in on me. We had heard of an attorney named Tracy Tiernan who handled serious felony criminal cases. In the courtroom at trial, Tracy was the consummate professional, treating everyone (Judge, District Attorney, all  witnesses, and the jury) with great respect and courtesy, while he painstakingly cross examined all of the state’s witnesses and carefully laid out our defense to the jury. A sound I will never forget as long as I live was the loud sobbing of my sweet father in the back of the courtroom when the verdict was read…NOT GUILTY! I feel as though that day in court Tracy was walking on water. I owe my freedom to Tracy. The professionalism in his presentation of my case, and the PASSION in his voice during my closing argument to the jury, was awe-inspiring. Call Tracy Tiernan for your criminal defense. He will fight hard on your behalf and get you a great end result, whether you are innocent or guilty.”

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