If your minor son or daughter has been charged with a crime in Oklahoma, you need an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney who can provide the compassionate representation your child deserves. While criminal legal matters involving minors generally come with less severe consequences than adult criminal charges, those repercussions can still impact your child — and family — in many ways.

Tulsa juvenile lawyer Tracy Tiernan – Attorney at Law represents underage defendants, helping preserve their rights under both federal and state laws. With experienced juvenile defense attorney Tracy on your side, you can be confident your child’s legal matter is in good hands.

Oklahoma Juvenile Criminal Matters

When prosecutors charge a juvenile with a crime, the maximum penalties are typically lower than those associated with adult crimes. That’s because the focus of the juvenile justice system is on rehabilitating children rather than punishing them. However, in some cases, prosecutors actively try to move cases out of juvenile court, so children can be tried — and punished — as adults.

Some of the cases juvenile defense lawyer Tracy handles include:

  • Underage drinking
  • DUI
  • Drug crimes
  • Theft
  • Assault and battery


No matter the underlying criminal charges, this is a scary time for your son or daughter — and for you. Your child’s juvenile law attorney will play a key role in helping you both understand the charges against him or her and how the legal process works. From there, your child’s criminal juvenile defense lawyer will work closely with you both to put together an aggressive defense.

Your Child Deserves Skilled Legal Representation

Your child needs a juvenile defense attorney who knows the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems in Oklahoma — a lawyer who is committed to fighting for your child’s future.

Tracy represents children and young adults who have been charged with a variety of juvenile criminal legal matters. He understands what is at stake and is a zealous advocate for juvenile clients’ rights. If the state wants to remove your child’s case from juvenile court and try your son or daughter as an adult, Tracy will fight to keep the case in juvenile court.

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Whether your child was charged as a minor or an adult, criminal charges are serious. Hiring Tracy as your child’s juvenile criminal defense attorney means you are choosing a dedicated lawyer who will represent your child’s interests and protect his or her rights with skill and compassion.

To schedule a free case review with juvenile law attorney Tracy Tiernan, contact our office today.

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