Brian Gomez - April 11, 2018 - Criminal Defense

Most misdemeanors are relatively harmless offenses and few people may consider hiring an attorney to defend them in such a case. In fact, in misdemeanor cases, hiring an attorney is the responsibility of the accused, but they are not required to be represented by an attorney. As a result, most people choose not to hire […]

criminal defense

Brian Gomez - January 8, 2018 - Criminal Defense

Today, most people understand that a lawyer is needed to help defend an individual in a criminal prosecution, but it’s equally important to have the right attorney. Just as you wouldn’t ask a divorce attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit, you want the right criminal attorney to represent you in a criminal […]

Tracy Tiernan - October 31, 2017 - Criminal Defense, Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents are stressful situations that can set your family back quite a bit because of medical expenses, the physical injuries themselves and the emotional turmoil that comes afterward. If you are an accident victim of any kind, you probably have a lot on your mind right now. The last thing you may be thinking about […]