Do You Have An Injury Case? Why It’s Worth Your Time To Find Out

Tracy Tiernan - October 31, 2017 - Criminal Defense, Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents are stressful situations that can set your family back quite a bit because of medical expenses, the physical injuries themselves and the emotional turmoil that comes afterward. If you are an accident victim of any kind, you probably have a lot on your mind right now. The last thing you may be thinking about is filing a lawsuit, especially with all the negative commentary that surrounds people who go to court for personal injury. However, you may be entitled to some significant compensation. Please consider these seven reasons to contact a personal injury attorney and schedule an appointment to see one:

1. There Is no Risk to You

One reason that you can have the confidence to see a specialist about your personal injury case is that you can do it without being obligated to pay a consultation fee. The right attorney will offer you a free evaluation to see how strong your case is. He will then offer to assist you if you have a high chance of receiving a settlement in your favor. With zero consultation fees, it’s certainly worth a try. Take some time out to visit a specialist in your area.

2.You’ll Pay Nothing Unless You Win

You may also have the opportunity to have your retainer fees deferred until your settlement check comes. That kind of representation is referred to as contingency representation, and some attorneys offer a no-win-no-fee arrangement where you don’t have to pay a dime if that lawyer does not win your case. That way, you won’t have to suffer from unnecessary stress while your case is proceeding. You can inquire about it. Even if it’s unavailable, you can still get the free consultation.

3. Personal Injury Covers Numerous Categories

The umbrella of personal injury covers a variety of categories, so you can get assistance no matter how you’ve been injured. You can see a personal injury attorney if you have experienced a slip-and-fall incident, animal bite, car accident or mistreatment inside of a medical facility. Personal injury laws sometimes apply to situations where people get hurt on the job, as well. The element that makes them eligible for compensation is the neglect factor. If you believe that someone has neglected you, and it has caused your injury, then you have a right to talk to someone about it. You need not be ashamed if you decide to go through with a court case. That right is yours. You deserve to collect compensation if your injury was honestly someone else’s fault.

4. You Could Get All of Your Bills Paid

The compensation that comes from a personal injury case can pay for all of your bills. As long as you produce the appropriate amount of documentation, your compensation could be rather large. It can cover all of your medical bills, testing and therapies that you have to get after the accident to get your body and your life back together. It can cover the lost work wages that you lose because you cannot make it work. Furthermore, it can provide you with the means to pay your rent, car note and other bills that you may have. These funds are known collectively as compensatory damages because they compensate you for everything that you lose in an accident.

5. You Could Get Compensation For Pain and Suffering

Punitive damages may also apply to your case if it involves extreme neglect. Some people refer to these punitive damages as “pain and suffering” monies. The judge’s intention for ordering someone to pay these damages is to defer the other person from conducting the neglectful act again. The secondary purpose may be to increase your total compensation.

6. You Could Win Even if You’re Partially at Fault

Another interesting fact about personal injury cases is that you can still end up with a settlement even if you are partially at fault for the incident. Yes, it’s true. If you are less than 51 percent at fault for the accident, you could still receive an award, although it may not be as much. For example, you may only get $300,000 if you were 50 percent responsible, and your settlement was for $600,000. Isn’t that still worth a try?

7. Your Attorney Could Settle out of Court

Finally, you could end up getting settlement monies a lot quicker than you think if your attorney decides to settle out of court. He could try to negotiate with the other party and get them to offer you something for your trouble. Many parties agree to this because they want to avoid media representation. You will not be eligible for punitive damages if you settle out of court, but a good attorney can negotiate a reasonable payment amount that can still take care of your needs so that you can recover. The whole process could possibly be over in only a few weeks.

Those are just some of the reasons that you shouldn’t hesitate the get on the phone and call a personal injury attorney. You literally have nothing to lose, so why would you want to give up your right to request compensation? It’s just not good mathematics. Don’t worry about stereotypes or ridicule. It’s your right to be compensated for neglectful acts that injure you. Period.

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