Five Mistakes to Avoid When Accused of a Sex Crime

Tracy Tiernan - February 20, 2023 - Criminal Defense

It is understandable that being accused of a sex crime can be a life-changing experience, even if you know that you are not guilty. There can be many questions and a lot of fear when facing any criminal charges, but even more so when accused of a sex crime. However, it is important to remember that there are certain steps every accused person should take and avoid taking when facing these accusations.

If you are accused of a sex crime, do not hesitate to contact a criminal defense lawyer right away to start working on your defense. Our Tulsa sex crimes defense lawyer at The Law Office of Tracy Tiernan represents individuals facing different types of sex crime charges, including but not limited to sexual assault, prostitution, rape, human trafficking, and child pornography.

Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Facing Sex Crime Charges

Here are five mistakes you should avoid if you have been accused of a sex crime.

1. Talking to the Police Before Consulting Your Lawyer First

It is important to remember that anything said to the police can be used against you in court. Even if you feel like what you say could help your case, it is best not to talk with the police until after you consult with your lawyer. A lawyer will provide guidance on how to handle any communication with law enforcement and advise on whether speaking with them would benefit or harm your case.

Note: Your right to remain silent is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment, which establishes the privilege against self-incrimination.

2. Contacting the Alleged Victim

If an individual has been accused of a sex crime, they must absolutely refrain from contacting the alleged victim under any circumstance. This means no phone calls, emails, text messages, or letters should be sent by the accused or anyone close to them, as this could further complicate matters and potentially result in additional charges such as harassment or intimidation of a witness/victim. The only contact allowed between the two parties may come through their respective lawyers during legal proceedings.

3. Posting on Social Media About Your Criminal Case

When facing criminal charges, it is imperative that individuals maintain discretion when talking about their case online or in public spaces, as anything posted online can be used against them in court. This is especially true when social media posts include incriminating evidence about the defendant or the alleged victim. Therefore, it is wise for individuals facing criminal charges to remain silent about their cases until after legal proceedings have concluded and all details have been discussed with their lawyer beforehand.

4. Attempting to Leave the State or Country

If an individual has been released on bail while awaiting trial, they must remain within state lines unless they have permission from their lawyer before traveling out of state (or country). This permission will usually include strict instructions on where one can travel and what type of activities they can participate in while away from home – i.e., attending school, visiting family members, etc.

Failure to adhere to these rules can result in an individual being held accountable for violating parole or probation terms, which could land them back behind bars until trial proceedings begin again, at which point they would then need permission from both their lawyer and parole officer(s) before leaving state lines again (which may not always be granted).

5. Not Contacting a Lawyer Right Away

In order for an individual charged with a sex crime to receive adequate legal representation, it is essential that they hire an attorney as soon as possible so that they can begin preparing a defense strategy right away. Having an experienced lawyer who knows how the courts work and what needs to be done before entering into courtrooms helps ensure that justice is served correctly and fairly for both sides involved—which ultimately makes all the difference come judgment day.

The Advocacy You Need to Fight Back Against the Charges

Facing criminal charges related to sex crimes can be daunting, but by avoiding these five mistakes, you can significantly increase your chances of success during trial proceedings. If you are facing sex crime charges, contact The Law Office of Tracy Tiernan to start developing the most effective defense strategy to fight back against the charges. Call 918-587-7377 to set up a free consultation today. 

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