What are Texas’ Laws on Dog Bite Injuries?

Brian Gomez - May 16, 2018 - Dog Bite

German shepard barking while on a lead.

You have probably asked yourself what the relevant laws are if you have been the victim of a dog attack in Texas. It is not uncommon for the victims of dog bite injuries to question what laws are in place to protect them and get them the compensation they deserve.

A dog mauling is an emotionally terrifying experience that comes with added stress and pain caused by the injuries. It is important for dog bite victims to seek out the help of an attorney that specializes in this branch of litigation. A dog bite attorney will help victims navigate the legal system and serve as an advocate to ensure maximum compensation is awarded to the victim.

A dog bite attorney specializes in dealing with the specific laws regarding dog bites in Texas and knows exactly how to process the case to ensure all monetary and non-monetary expenses are compensated for. The victim of a vicious dog attack has been through enough stress during the horrific attack, they shouldn’t be expected to do all the legal footwork to gain justice for what happened. By hiring a dog bite attorney, the victim has a better chance of winning their case and gaining a sense of justice being served.

In Texas, the dog bite law is based on the “one bite rule” or rule of “negligence”. This means that in order to win a dog bite case in Texas, the victim must be able to prove that the dog has bitten someone before or that the owner was negligent in restraining an aggressive dog that was trying to bite.

For example, a neighbor with a dog that is known to be aggressive should not let their dog roam the neighborhood off-leash. Doing so, the neighbor is being negligent in restraining the dog to prevent injury. In this case, there is proof that the neighbor is being negligent. The victim, in this scenario, could likely bring the owner of the dog up on charges to collect damages from the resulting dog bite.

Weaving the legal system is extremely difficult without an experienced attorney at your side. There are strict timelines that must be met when filing documents and motions in court, and many other things a layperson may overlook that can ruin their chances of regaining compensation for any damages in this type of lawsuit.

Without the help and determination of an experienced Tulsa Dog Bite Attorney, a victim of a dog bite in Texas has little hope for receiving all the compensation they deserve. An experienced lawyer has studied the law and knows the best course of action to get the maximum compensation possible for a victim.

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