Tracy Tiernan - June 11, 2023 - Criminal Defense

Sex-related charges can be among the most difficult and emotionally charged criminal charges to face. If you or someone you know is facing such charges, it is critical to understand that there are various potential ways to defend against them. Are you facing sex-related charges? Reach out to our Tulsa sex crimes defense lawyer at […]

Tracy Tiernan - May 12, 2023 - Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges is always a confusing and scary experience. Suddenly, you are facing the possibility of jail time, fines, and a criminal record that can follow you for the rest of your life. In moments like this, a criminal defense lawyer can be your best ally. But how do you know when it is […]

Tracy Tiernan - April 15, 2023 - Criminal Defense, DUI

A DUI (driving under the influence) arrest can be a challenging and frightening experience for anyone. The consequences of such an arrest can be severe, and it is essential to understand your rights in order to protect yourself and minimize the potential repercussions of your situation. Our Tulsa criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office […]

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