Tracy Tiernan - January 25, 2022 - Criminal Defense

Plea bargaining is a type of agreement in criminal cases that can be utilized to avoid a trial. Instead of proceeding to a jury trial, the prosecution and the defendant work together to reach an agreement. Oftentimes, plea bargains include lesser charges in exchange for a guilty plea. Generally though, if a defendant pleads guilty, […]

Tracy Tiernan - December 6, 2021 - Criminal Defense

Even if you are not ultimately convicted of a criminal charge in Oklahoma, you can end up facing some serious repercussions. It is almost always a good idea to obtain the assistance of a skilled defense attorney as soon as you find out that you are facing criminal charges. This article reviews some of the […]

Tracy Tiernan - November 15, 2021 - Criminal Defense

A 19-year-old man in Oklahoma was arrested in October 2021 due to claims that he robbed a local dispensary. According to a police report, the man had two confirmed warrants for robbery as well as kidnapping. Footage was also obtained of the man entering the dispensary wearing a hoodie and aggressively grabbing a worker. The […]

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