Brian Gomez - February 14, 2018 - Dog Bite

When a dog bites someone, it is an unpleasant situation for everyone involved. The owner is worried about a lawsuit, and the person who has been bitten has to worry about possible medical ramifications. From a legal standpoint, it is good to know what happens and what your legal recourse is if a dog ends […]

criminal defense

Brian Gomez - January 8, 2018 - Criminal Defense

Today, most people understand that a lawyer is needed to help defend an individual in a criminal prosecution, but it’s equally important to have the right attorney. Just as you wouldn’t ask a divorce attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit, you want the right criminal attorney to represent you in a criminal […]


Tracy Tiernan - December 21, 2017 - wrongful death

In recent years, wrongful death claims have become a necessary component of the civil court system in the United States. While every state allows wrongful death lawsuits, each state has its own rules and regulations. For instance, when looking at Oklahoma law, only certain individuals can file a wrongful death lawsuit against a defendant who […]